AIAI Ltd. is distributor of used care-bed and medical bed.

Phone +81-422-53-6766

2-14-2, Sekimae Musashino,
Tokyo Japan,180-0014

Used Carebed and Medical bed

We always have stock of beds.

Company Profile

Head Office : 2-14-2 sekimae Musashino Tokyo Japan 180-0014
Established in April 16,2002  Founded in 1998
Capital : 3 million Yen
President : Tatsuya Kitanishi(Mr.) born in 1961
Main activities: Sales of used carebed, nursing bed, wheelchair,
Office location: Sapporo,Tokyo,Osaka,Fukuoka,Naha
Main warehouse: Utsunomiya(Tochigi) & Kosai(Shizuoka)

Export destination: Bangladesh (20ft × 7, 40ft × 1) Myanmar,
UAE, Philippines 
Export Management company : Winwin Ltd. /Hyogo,Japan

Homepage : (Japanese)

As of March 2018

Export Performance

products (All are Made in Japan)

Used Manual(Crank) Bed
Used Motor Bed
 Used Wheelchair
Used Strecher
 Used Cabinet

 Used Drip Hanger

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Aiai Ltd. is distributor of used care-bed and medical bed for domestic and foreign market. We also sell accessories and related equipments of beds. We have exported beds for Bangladesh, Myanmar, Phillipines and UAE through export trading company.

We always have stock of beds in our warb house in Japan. If you intend to be more open or to increase the beds, please consult us. 
Our e-mail address is

If you want to see photos of bed, we can send them by e-mail.  At that moment, please inform us your hospital name, bed type(manual or motor or baby's), required number,

We look foward to your inquiry.

                  Tatsuya Kitanshi, President




2-14-2, Sekimae Musashino,  Tokyo Japan, 180-0014

Phone +81-422-53-6766
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Mobile +81-90-8117-1997